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本文摘要:Fool cells, schmool cells, Elon Musk.笑料般的电池,如期不登场的电池,以及埃隆·穆斯克。


Fool cells, schmool cells, Elon Musk.笑料般的电池,如期不登场的电池,以及埃隆·穆斯克。Toyota Motor Co. TM Wednesday unveiled the car that it expects to go toe-to-toe with Tesla Motors Inc.’s TSLA 1.89% battery-powered ones in the next stage of green vehicle development.周三,丰田汽车公司(Toyota Motor Co. )公布了最新款汽车,期望在绿色汽车研发的下一个阶段,与特斯拉汽车公司的电池驱动汽车展进竞争。


At a presentation webcast from Tokyo, head of RD and board member Mitsuhisa Kato said the company aims to launch the car, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, in the Japanese market in by April next year, and in the U.S. and Europe by the summer of 2015.在东京举办的网络直播发布会上,丰田汽车研发部总裁兼董事会成员加藤光久回应,公司的氢燃料电池汽车将于明年四月份在日本上市,并于2015年夏登岸美国和欧洲市场。The initial price will be a chunky 7 million yen ($69,000) and will have a cruising range of 400 kilometers, more or less in line with Tesla’s Model S. It’s about 30% below what Toyota had previously estimated it would cost–something that Kato put down, in part, to cross-fertilisation from the hybrid-motor technology developed by Toyota for its Prius models.这款汽车的预售价为700万日元(约合69,000美元),续航里程为400公里,与特斯拉(Tesla)的Model S不相上下。丰田这款汽车的成本比它之前的估计减少了30%——加藤光久指出,这主要归功于丰田为普锐斯(Prius)研发的混合动力技术所带给的交叉改良。Slow to take off initially, hybrid cars now account for over 10% of Toyota’s global sales.虽然最初发展更为较慢,但现在,混合动力汽车早已占到到丰田汽车全球销量的10%。

Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity from the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, creating water vapor as their only exhaust product. Tesla chairman Elon Musk has been notoriously rude about the technology, calling it “bull****” and, more decently, “a load of rubbish”.氢燃料电池汽车通过氢氧化学反应发电,排泄的自燃产物只有水蒸气。特斯拉董事长埃隆o穆斯克因为对这项技术的评价出了名的举止。他说道氢燃料电池技术是“狗屎”,而体面一点的评价也不过是“一堆垃圾”。Toyota is relying on a Japanese government subsidy scheme to bring the final price down to a level where it can sell in the mass market. Japan, with no oil reserves of its own, has traditionally had a huge incentive to develop alternative motor fuels and is aiming to bring the retail price for fuel cell vehicles down to 2 million yen by 2025.丰田汽车利用日本政府的补助金计划,减少最后售价,使它合适在大众市场销售。


日本国内没石油储备,因此仍然以来,这个国家都有极大的动力来研发替代性的汽车燃料。日本期望,到2025年能燃料电池汽车的零售价减少到200万日元。Arguably the biggest challenge for the new technology will be the need to invest massive sums in dedicated infrastructure. Unlike plug-in battery-powered cars, the fuel cells will need to be topped up like a traditional gas tank, only from a whole new network of hydrogen stations. On the plus side, Kato said the FCV could refuel in only three minutes.但这项新技术仅次于的挑战在于,必需投放巨资修建专用的基础设施。


A spokesman for Toyota in the U.K. acknowledged that the infrastructure question makes the start-up phase a particularly thorny problem.丰田汽车发言人在英国否认,基础设施问题将是初始阶段的一个棘手问题。“It’s a sort of chicken-and-egg situation. You have to put the infrastructure where you think the cars are going to be used,” he said. “But the availability of the car will make a big difference” in generating momentum for the project.他说道:“这只不过是鸡与蛋的问题。你必需在你指出不会有人用于这种汽车的地方修建基础设施,”他还说道。“燃料电池汽车的实用性将不会充分发挥极大的影响力。

”这一点也不会前进基础设施项目的建设。The U.K., like other countries, has brought together carmakers, gas companies and retailers together to work on a national strategy for rolling out such infrastructure, he said.他回应,与其他国家一样,英国也在开会汽车制造商、燃气公司和零售商,联合研究修建这类基础设施的国家战略。